Pharmacognosy is the study of drugs from natural origin, especially drugs from plants. Research in Pharmacognosy is important because it leads to new types of therapeutic agents, information on herbal medicines, and new methods for analysis of drugs, toxins and herbal preparations.


The department has excellent facilities for research activities which are focused in isolation, purification and investigation of active pharmaceuticals from the plants, study the phytochemistry, phytotherapy and pharmaceutical bio technology (tissues and cell culture), development and characterization of herbal formulations.


Our faculty members have published many research papers in International and national Journals.

1. Prof. S. KANAGARAJ - M. Pharm., - Professor & HOD
2. Mrs. MEENAKSHI - M.Pharm - Assistant Professor
3. Mrs. S.TAMIZHARASI - M.Pharm., - Assistant Professor
4. Ms. V.SINDHU - M.Pharm., - Assistant Professor